Stephens Lab Renovation

During the 2009-2010 academic year, STEP funded a proposal to renovate the current computer laboratory in Stephens Hall (located on the first floor).  The renovations will include:

  • replacing the existing Sun workstations with Windows workstations
  • replacing the existing furniture with tables and chairs appropriate for use in a training environment
  • install video display equipment

The Sun workstations which are currently in the lab were originally purchased for general use as well as to support the Math and CMPS departments.  These workstations are now well past their useful life and get very little use by students, faculty and staff.

This laboratory is ideally situated to provide numerous technology services to the entire student body.  The training facilities will provide a function which is not currently available in other STEP labs on campus.  The intent is for the UCSS Help Desk to make use of the facilities to provide classes on the use of standard OIT services; security training; ERP training;  and serve as an open use lab when not in use for training. 

Spring 2011 Update

Due to budgetary and resource constraints in 2009-2010, the construction component of the lab renovation had to be postponed until Spring 2011.  As of early June 2011, demolition is complete and construction will begin in the next few days.

Progress Updates (pictures):

Week of June 28   
Week of July 14   
Week of July 25   
Week of August 1 & 8   
Week of August 15   
Week of August 22   
Week of September 12