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During the Fall 2010 STEP cycle, the STEP Council voted to fund two major projects that will have a significant impact on the University's network and the institution's ability to expand voice, data, and video services to the campus community.

The University (through the STEP Sustainability Fund - Software Licensing) has entered into a three (3) year site license agreement with SOPHOS for the SOPHOS Endpoint Security and Data Protection product for all University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty and staff.  The license negotiated this Spring, resulted from a six-month comparison, evaluation, and analysis by key University IT staff.  The software is available for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms.


Quick Guide to the AASTRA 9116LP


Computer hardware and software standards allow the University to provide better and more efficient support for students, faculty and staff on campus.  In addition, standards facilitate the ability for the University to leverage its purchasing power directly to obtain the most cost-effective pricing available for computing equipment that meet or exceed our use case (as well as defined life cycle).  Below are our new "standards" with accompanying specifications (for Windows/Linux) for the 2012-2013 academic year.