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Information Technology policies and procredures are the fundamental "laws" set by University administrators and IT professionals to create a logical set of instructions for dealing with situations that occur in the enterprise technology environment.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette Information Technology Policies


Pauline Badeaux - IT Technical Support Specialist 2
SMH 326 · 337-482-5513 · 
Paula Breaux - Associate Director
SMH 137 · 337-482-6981 · 
Sam Bullard - Director
SMH 321 · 337-482-6444 · 


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A new computer craze has been hitting the IT world over the last year. It’s called the Netbook.  These tiny, ultra-portable computers are attractive for those looking for inexpensive, ultra-portable computing power.  The concept appears to have evolved from the One Laptop Per Child initiative that sought to make small, portable, cheap, kid-friendly computers.


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Mission Statement 
To provide, support and enhance computing and networking facilities which serve the academic and administrative needs of the University. 
Computing/Networking - General Tasks