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Procurement Team

The Procurement Team will plan and execute a process to identify, select and engage a vendor to provide ERP software and services for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette consistent with the following goals and objectives:

ERP Executive Team

The ERP Executive Team will include all members of the University Council.  This team will be the primary leadership team for the identification, procurement, and implementation of the University ERP solution.  The initial mission is to:

The University is seeking to accomplish the following broad–based goals and objectives with the new system to mitigate or eliminate the aforementioned concerns:


ERP Business Case   

UL Lafayette is currently in the pre-planning and selection phase of a new ERP system.  The primary motivations for this process result from many factors including:


ERP Presentations

April 27, 2010  

May 4, 2010




The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project will probably set our operational direction for the next two decades.  Due to the risks, complexity, and resource-intensive nature of this project, it is very important that we identify and follow a few simple philosophical principles in our implementation strategy.  Working with the administration, Deans and functional areas of the University, the following are the initial project values:



Specific Benefits

Specific benefits to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette resulting from the successful completion of this project include:


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project is more than a simple installation and implementation of new mission-critical systems and software for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The project will provide and facilitate the following: 1) a new integrated software solution designed around improved business practice and workflow process; 2) a complete new hardware platform; and 3) vendor provided implementation, integration and training services.