New Endpoint Security and Data Protection Software

Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection Software available for all University students, faculty and staff.

The University (through the STEP Sustainability Fund - Software Licensing) has entered into a three (3) year site license agreement with SOPHOS for the SOPHOS Endpoint Security and Data Protection product for all University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty and staff.  The license negotiated this Spring, resulted from a six-month comparison, evaluation, and analysis by key University IT staff.  The software is available for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms.


Two alternative deployment strategies are currently being developed to facilitate on-campus (managed) clients and off-campus (unmanaged) clients.  Managed clients will fall into two distinct groups:  1) University machines in the WIN domain - new software will be "pushed" automatically without user intervention; 2) University machines NOT in the WIN domail - will be deployed manually.  Unmanaged clients will include: a) student personal machines including laptops, desktops, etc.; b) faculty and staff personal machines including laptops, desktops, etc.; and c) student, faculty, and staff home computers.  The deployment will begin this summer and information will be available at the Helpdesk to assist both managed and unmanaged clients in the deployment process.

Features and benefits:

  • Anti-virus - Stop malware with fast scanning, built-in intrusion prevention and live in-the-cloud protection technologies.  Protect users against the new threats with in-the-cloud checks against the latest threat data and malicious URLs.
  • Management - Gain instant visibility of security issues for all computers with one console for Windows, Macs, Linux and UNIX.
  • Reporting - Get the detailed security information you need, whenever you need it, using whatever tools you like.
  • Application Control - Reduce infection, data loss and productivity risks by blocking the use of unauthorized applications.
  • Device Control - Reduce the risk of data loss and malware infection with granular policies to control removable storage devices.
  • Data Loss Prevention - Simplify DLP deployment with scanning uniquely built into the endpoint agent to monitor the transfer of sensitive data.
  • Encryption - Meet compliance needs by securing data on computers and removable media with proven SafeGuard encryption.
  • Network Access Control - Ensure compliance with your security policy and patch status by assessing managed and guest computers.
  • Support - Constant, automatic updates and upgrades for new releases (for managed clients).

Common Questions

How do I get the software for my home computer?

The software can be downloaded from the Help Desk website.  Installation instructions and assistance are available at the Help Desk website.  Both Windows and Mac versions are available for download.

Useful Links:

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