Fall 2011 STEP Awards

Fall 2011 STEP Awards

For the Fall 2011 cycle, sixteen (16) awards totaling $412,989.05 were funded by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP).  Of the those proposals funded, five (5) will have an annual sustainability fund impact of $45,242.80 (average $9,048.56/project).

The highest rated (by the STEP Council in rank order H-L) proposals for the cycle included: Wireless Network Legacy Replacement – Phase I, Modeling Laboratory for the School of Geosciences, ExCEL Grant (Excellence through Community Engaged Learning), University File Storage and Backup, Laptop Battery Replacement, Edith Garland Dupré Library: Enhancement for Student Access to Library Materials, Document Cameras and Projectors for Use in Mathematics Instruction, Athletics Online Streaming Package, Rougeou Room 324 Projector & Podium Upgrade, Hamilton Hall STEP Smart Classroom 115, Chemical Engineering: Computer Lab Upgrade, Madison Hall - Phase II, Electrical and Electronics Technology Laboratories Upgrade, Equipment Enhancements: Graphic Design Studio, Edith Garland Dupré Library: Upgrade of Bibliographic Instruction Lab Computers, Integration of Technology Systems into the Clinical Setting to Enhance Educational Opportunities for the Millennial Nursing Student, and Educational Robotics.

The following table and graph illustrate this cycle's awards by College/Division and budget by category: 

Awards by College/Division

College of Engineering3
College of Education2
College of Sciences2
Edith Garland Dupré Library2
Information Technology2
Academic Success Center1
College of Liberal Arts1
College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions1
College of the Arts1


Award Budget Summary 

This cycle the Technical Advisory Commission (TAC) initiated a protocol recommended last semester for smaller, more specialized "Smart Classrooms".  The new "Technology Enhanced Classroom" [TEC rooms] consists of standard components that can be assembled to provide similar functionality to that of the current Smart Classroom using a modular, lower "total cost of ownership" deployment.  Two projects funded this semester (Document Cameras and Projectors for Use in Mathematics Instruction and Rougeou Room 324 Projector & Podium Upgrade) will follow these new standards.

To review the list of the funded grants, please use the link below to navigate to the awards list page.  Once there, click on the title of each proposal to review the summary information and access the detail proposal.  Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Fall 2011 Awards List