The University (through the STEP Sustainability Fund - Software Licensing) has entered into a three (3) year site license agreement with SOPHOS for the SOPHOS Endpoint Security and Data Protection product for all University of Louisiana at Lafayette students, faculty and staff.  The license negotiated this Spring, resulted from a six-month comparison, evaluation, and analysis by key University IT staff.  The software is available for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms.


University Computing Support Services recently announced an online, self-service, password reset tool for use by students, faculty and staff.  Upon verifying your identity by answering questions that ONLY you would know the answer, you can reset your password.

Of course, the IT Help Desk staff are always available during normal business hours to assist.  All you will need is a valid photo ID.

As a result of a STEP grant initiated by Dr.

The STEP Sustainability Program has recently added new software to it's repertoire available in the campus open-use computer laboratories. Partnering with the College of Business and the Graduate School SGA President, the University has subscribed to the IBM SPSS Campus Value Program.  IBM® SPSS Campus Edition is a 12-month, campus-wide license agreement that makes it easier for colleges and universities to meet the analytical software needs of students, faculty and researchers.  

The Deadline for submitting Fall 2016 STEP Proposals is July 15, 2016 at 12:30pm.  NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!
ALL proposals should be emailed in electronic format (Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word) to stepproposal@louisiana.edu.  Paper submissions will NOT be accepted!  Additional instructions, proposal templates, and process timelines can be found at:
STEP Proposal Submission, Evaluation, and Timelines