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Star Wars fan girls, you will love this chic '50s-inspired clothing line

Mon, 2017-09-11 17:01

Go retro with Her Universe's latest collection

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Equifax hit with at least 23 class-action lawsuits over massive cyberbreach

Mon, 2017-09-11 16:20

Court complaints accuse credit-reporting giant Equifax of security negligence, failing to notify consumers sooner about massive cyberbreach

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How to make the most money selling your old iPhone

Mon, 2017-09-11 16:13

EBay vs. Apple trade in, and the rest: Gazelle, Glyde, Swappa and Amazon.

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10 futuristic fashion and beauty gadgets you didn't know you needed

Mon, 2017-09-11 14:40

Gadgets like the simplehuman Sensor Mirror, Ringly Luxe, and ROVA Selfie Drone were made for fashion and beauty lovers.

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This is why 'Destiny 2' will be fall's biggest video game

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:56

Action game developed by the studio behind beloved Xbox series Halo.

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'Destiny 2' official launch trailer

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:55

Destiny 2 launch trailer

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YouTube star PewDiePie under fire for using racial slur

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:53

YouTube star used racial slur during recent gaming live stream.

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YouTube star accused of using racial slur while live-streaming a game

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:53

PewDiePie, one of the world's most famous YouTube stars, could be in trouble again after apparently making an anti-semitic comment.

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You can save money and eat healthier with this $11 set of Bento lunch boxes

Mon, 2017-09-11 13:23

A new set of Bento box lunch containers can kickstart your healthy eating habits, and this set of 12 is only $11 on Amazon.

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Reminder: You don’t have to buy your next iPhone from a carrier

Mon, 2017-09-11 12:01

If I decide to buy one of the new iPhones, should I get it from Apple or my wireless carrier?

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Tesla gives battery boost to those fleeing Hurricane Irma

Mon, 2017-09-11 11:53

Tesla gives battery boost to those fleeing Hurricane Irma

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This best-selling Samsung device connects all your smart tech—and it's only $50

Mon, 2017-09-11 10:11

The Samsung SmartThings smart home hub allows you to bring all your smart devices under one umbrella. No more need to switch from app to app.

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Twitter might be secretly testing a new tweetstorm feature

Mon, 2017-09-11 09:56

Twitter may be testing a new tweetstorm feature that could make it easier to break up all your rants. Jose Sepulveda(@josesepulvedatv) has more

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The world's largest car market might ban gas vehicles

Mon, 2017-09-11 09:40

Chinese officials say they're deciding on a time frame to ban gas and diesel vehicles in favor of electric and intelligent cars. Video provided by Newsy

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Dear Apple: Here's what I want to see at the September iPhone event

Mon, 2017-09-11 08:07

Back up the hype with a gadget, product, or service that solves a problem for me. Make sure that it actually does what you say it will. Make it worth the money I spend on it.

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The iPhone 8 rumors — and what we think of them

Mon, 2017-09-11 07:49

For the first time since 2014, when Apple launched the iPhone 6, a new, major redesign is expected for Apple’s flagship product.

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What to expect from the new iPhone

Mon, 2017-09-11 05:15

Apple is expected to demand $1,000 for the fanciest iPhone that it has ever made, thrusting the market into a new financial frontier that will test how much consumers are willing to pay for a device that has become an indispensable part of modern life. (Sept. 11)

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Florida already had a lot of mosquitoes, and Irma could make it worse

Mon, 2017-09-11 05:11

Floodwater left by hurricanes could boost the local population of mosquitoes, some of which carry dangerous diseases. Video provided by Newsy

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Passive polygraph takes lie detection into 21st Century

Mon, 2017-09-11 04:53

Seattle-based SilverLogic Labs have developed what they call a 'passive polygraph', basically a hi-tech version of the lie detector test. Francis Maguire has more. Video provided by Reuters

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Facebook, Nextdoor become digital lifelines in hurricanes

Sun, 2017-09-10 15:43

Facebook, Nextdoor and Twitter have become first responders, connecting need and assistance, first in Hurricane Harvey, now as Hurricane Irma bears down.

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