Fall 2010 STEP Awards

To review the proposals of the funded grants for a partiuclar academic term/year, please select the STEP Cycle and click the go button. On the result page, click on the title of each proposal to review. Click the column heading to change the sort order of the award list. Note: All proposals are formatted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

STEP Proposal Number sort icon Title PI Department/College Recommended
FA10-03 Updating the "Computer Lab" for the Health Information Management Students Anita Hazelwood, Carol Venable Health Information Management $28,076.00
FA10-05 Additional Evacuation Chairs To Assist Disabled Persons In Building Emergencies Joseph "Joey" V. Pons IV Environmental Health and Safety $26,500.00
FA10-08 Hearing Test Equipment - Otoacoustic Emission System Shalini Arehole, Robert Willey Department of Communicative Disorders and School of Music $5,018.90
FA10-09 Video Studio Development Robert Willey School of Music $3,883.97
FA10-10 University Program Council Computing Center Garland Rodriguez University Program Council / Student Government Organization $14,891.20
FA10-11 Updating Honors Computer Lab Julia Frederick Honors Program $6,738.24
FA10-12 College of Engineering: Computer Lab Podiums, Rougeou Hall Harvey Ozbirn College of Engineering $10,805.10
FA10-18 Updating Technology in the Student-Athlete Academic Center Christy Alford, Jessica Clark, Danny Cottonham, Lane Luneau Student-Athlete Academic Center $26,928.90
FA10-20 Technology Enhancements for Photography Department Jamie Baldridge Department of Visual Arts $7,534.30
FA10-21 Technology Enhancement for the Department of Visual Arts, and it’s the Printmaking Area, and Marais Press Brian Kelly Department of Visual Arts $14,000.00
FA10-22 Chemical Engineering: Computer Lab Upgrade, Madison Hall Room 216 Jim Dooley Department of Chemical Engineering $13,476.50
FA10-25 EDCI Computer Lab Software David Lynch & Louise Prejean College of Education $2,600.00
FA10-26 EDCI Lab Memory Upgrade David Lynch College of Education $3,359.65
FA10-27 EDCI Lab Printers David Lynch College of Education $3,148.00
FA10-28 Digital Repository for Electronic Course Materials Dr. Luke Dowden (PI) and Mr. Patrick Landry (CO-PI) Offices of Distance Learning and University Computing Support Services $62,900.00
FA10-29 Edith Garland Dupré Library SMART Classroom Sheryl Curry and Lance Chance Edith Garland Dupré Library $5,902.14
FA10-30 Digital Technology Application for Library Special Collections Materials on Microfilm and Microfiche Jean S. Kiesel and I. Bruce Turner Edith Garland Dupré Library $9,436.40
FA10-33 Liberal Arts Software Licensing & Supplies Louis Diemert College of Liberal Arts $8,500.00
FA10-34 Liberal Arts SMART Classrooms Fall 2010 Louis Diemert College of Liberal Arts $25,000.00
FA10-38 Renewal of STEP Grant 29837: HD Presentation and Audio Upgrades in Fletcher Auditorium H. Gordon Brooks, Margaret Kennedy-Dygas College of the Arts $62,241.40
FA10-39 Help Desk Support Lori Trim University Computing Support Services $20,000.00